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Prayer can be a huge struggle at times and getting organized and organized for this struggle is key. This prayer journal was created with the intent to inspire women to cultivate their prayer lives. We all know prayer is vital, but being consistent is key. Inside includes targets and strategies that will help you pray more efficiently. This journal will leave you encouraged and focused on the benefits of your prayer life and ultimately your intimacy with God. Between each page, there is space for you to reflect on what Holy Spirit is revealing to you through prayer and studying the word.  It is finished with space for you to journal thoughts, feelings, and specific targets and strategies Holy Spirit is leading you to pray.


Bonus Features:

  • Prayer Targets
  • Prayer Strategies
  • Eight Watches of Prayer
  • Daily/Weekly Journal Entries
  • SOAP Bible Study Method
  • Identifying the difference between a watchman and a gatekeeper.

Prayer Strategy Journal (Digital)

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