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“A minister for the people. . .a beautifier of the soul”

fits the For Her by Her founder, Jonetta Prendergast, perfectly. In her dual role as a business and faith coach, she does more than offer wise words—she purposefully walks alongside other women to help change the trajectory of their lives. Jonetta’s passionate pursuit of Christ gave her a vision that has touched thousands of women across the globe, and her obedience to Christ is the reason behind FHBH’s exponential growth. As the founder of an ever-evolving community of women, certified life coach, author, licensed minister, public speaker, wife, and mommy, Jonetta has her hands full, but that will not keep her from passionately pursuing God’s call for her life.


For Her by Her

Building relationships with women is a part of my calling as a business and faith coach—helping women build healthy relationships with themselves is another layer to For Her by Her (FHBH). The fact is, your life doesn’t have to be in turmoil to use coaching or mentoring services. Having wise counsel is both biblical and human. A partnership with me and the For Her By Her community simply shows your desire to extract more from the life that God has given you. After all, God placed us each here for His purpose—to love ourselves, extend that love to others, and to give hope to a dying world. So whether you need healing from a relationship, an extra nudge to step into your calling, a cheerleader on your entrepreneurial journey, or a plan of execution to show up as the boss you are—Sis, I got you!

Add me and these services to your dream team as we partner to unlock your God-given potential:

  • A safe space to dream, pray, and plan 

  • A personalized, goal-setting strategy  

  • Weekly challenges to help you crush your goals 

  • Accountability with convenient, 1-on-1 coaching sessions 

  • An eagle’s-eye assessment to identify where improvements can be made

No woman is an island, and not one of us can achieve our goals alone. Sis, now is the time to collaborate with me on your journey to greatness; let’s jump on a Clarity call to get the process started!

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 Pray Her University 

Much like plants need water in the springtime, our spiritual lives need the same nourishment—prayer is one way for our spirits to be revitalized. An intentional prayer life also enables us to live in the freedom God has called us to. This is why I founded Pray Her University. I want women to experience a deeper intimacy with God through their prayer lives and learn how to effectively pray bold, life-changing prayers. All too often, we fall victim to the lies of the enemy over our identities, but through affirming ourselves in God’s word, we will begin to see ourselves as He does.

As the lead intercessor and prayer strategist of Pray Her University, I teach prayer strategies, prayer targets, how to pray the will of God and how to pray illegal prayers, eight watches of prayer, and spiritual warfare. The Pray Her University’s nine-week masterclass will equip you to put on the full armor and go forth with clarity and boldness. Now is the time to invest in your prayer life; your future depends on it!



For Her by Her is not just a community, it’s a movement—a movement driven by our collective desire to gain confidence and receive empowerment to live authentically in Christ. With your support, the FHBH community has grown by the thousands in a short amount of time, and y’all aren’t showing any signs of slowing this thing down—I’m grateful! Your presence in FHBH confirms two things: women are hungry for spaces where they can be vulnerable and transparent, and women enjoy having relatable community—I feel so blessed to be at the helm of a beautiful movement that serves women to this capacity. I am deeply committed to your growth in Christ and in life! Join FHBH, and come see what God has in store for you.


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