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With a deep-rooted faith and an unshakeable commitment to her Christian beliefs, Jonetta brings a genuine and heartfelt spirituality to all of her endeavors. Her life's purpose is to share the transformative power of faith with others, guiding them on a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

A Minister for the People



Prayer is powerful and we have the privilege to come to the Lord with what is on our hearts. This journal is meant to point your heart to the Lord each day in prayer. The journal is flexible and can be adapted to your personal prayer life.

Understand how to incorporate prayer into your daily life.

Experience the life-changing power of prayer and the impact it has on your walk with Christ.

See the heart of Christ more clearly as you seek a relationship with him built on His Word and prayer



A Source of

Jonetta Prendergast is ready to bring her inspirational message to your next Christian or motivational engagement. Whether it's a church service, conference, seminar, or any gathering aimed at personal development, she will captivate your audience with her compelling and engaging speaking style.

Prayer Journal Reviews

This PRAYER STRATEGY JOURNAL was everything I needed and more. I feel more confident about praying because it offers scriptures and language to pray to God's Word. I definitely recommend is Ronald to every woman of God. 

- Tymeeka H. 

OMG! Jonetta really has been a godsend. I was introduced to this journal when I signed up for Pray Her University. The inside is beautiful and there is plenty of room to write out your thoughts and prayers. 

- Amanda F. 

Where do I start? I have been in church my entire life and half the things that are in this journal I’ve never been taught. So grateful I made this purchase.


- Kristen C. 

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